Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hacking expense claims

Money always provides a motivation for the criminal mind. A psychology study done for common individuals (that means your employee) rates them into three categories:
- honest (nothing to worry about but it accounts for only 10-15% or so)
- dishonest (you need to take full measure here, but also it accounts for only 10-15% or so)
- waver (this is everyone else or 60-80%)
We are are apply Vincento Paretto principle also known as 80/20 rule.
The 80% or the majority you need to put in place the controls to avoid problems. One example could easily be made in expense claims. The internet goes even further by make it easier with sites like:
- the sales receipt store, will provide you a receipt for any occasion.
So take the time to verify the source of these expense claims it can save your corporation lots of valuable money.