Thursday, January 10, 2008

Is my LCD screen secure?

Can someone see your computer LCD screen, behind a wall?
The answer is yes, someone can recreate and see your screen information. If the person, company or government organization has the know how... The technology required to do it is freely available. This can be done yes... Because the technology we use today emits "wireless" waves which can then be amplified, captured, processed and enhanced to "reverse engineer" the original information.
This kind of research is not new, it was done a few years back under the names of "TEMPEST" and "Van Eck", for older CRT screens.
Markus Kuhn a researcher from Cambridge University, published a paper on this some time back. Reading your Screen through a Wall. The technology is low cost and could easily be put together.
A result sample of the screen can be seen here...


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