Tuesday, August 30, 2005

World becoming smaller for Cyber criminals...

The world is becoming a much smaller place for malicious hackers, virus code writers and "cyber-criminals".

Brazilian federal police last week cuffed 85 people across seven states suspected of hacking online bank accounts and netting $33m.

The work which leads to this fast results requires cross border, inter-country cooperation. As the laws for internet security mature around the world this response will become even more effective.
The "Trust" of the internet as a viable platform for conducting business requires these types of actions to take place, quickly, effectively and visibly.

The internet today contains special listening outposts which record all activity at major nodes. These effective packet recorders and archives provide vital information for tracking down the cyber criminals in their activities. One of the names for Earlier project on this activities was: code name carnivore. This project as been since renamed DCS1000 Carnivore spy system.
Full details on carnivore can be found here: Canivore.

There is even a small impersonation of the original covert project nickname carnivore personal edition.

As fast and effective incidence response is one of the key elements of modern internet security, it requires:
- Good customer logging
- Internet Service Provider logging and cooperation
- Cooperation with vendors
- Cooperation Authorities
- Good auditing
- Forensic Analysis

FBI announcement and previous FBI quote"Electronic surveillance has been extremely effective in securing the conviction of more than 25,600 dangerous felons over the past 13 years" .


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