Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Users are having less time to respond!

Today's worm attacks re-highlighted the issue of time once again. Today's users and organizations must be much more agile when responding to security attacks. As new vulnerabilities get announced (approximately 5-12 per day) the computing environment must be re-tested for the presence of these vulnerabilities. If their presence is found "Disabling", "Patching" or "Reconfiguration" must take place in a timely manner to avoid further exposure to the new risk.

Today's worm was create and spread faster this its predecessor (Sasser). To some luck the effects were more less performance and some loss or service (since the worm was not actively seeking to destroy data-it could have been much worse). So its time again to learn a very simple lesson...

As as User I therefore recommend the following simple process:
[to be repeated daily--or more frequently if necessary]
1-Download, distribute and Update you virus signatures
2-Check the logs of the firewall and intrusion detection system (personal or corporate)
3-Test your systems for the latest vulnerabilities (specially the critical ones)
4-Apply the necessary Remediation (medicine).

Safe Surf...


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