Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Security Issues with social networks

I have been using heavily social networks for the past 3 years, started with linkedin can now reach over 7,000,000 persons online. So the power of the technology is really incredible. Theses are some of the top ones I use:
  • linkedin
  • xing
  • ecademy
  • plaxo
  • youtube
  • slideshare
  • twitter
  • mypodcast
  • lastfm
  • myspace
  • face book
  • ...
But these social networks practical experiences are bring in some important questions (which will try to address over this year posts). Some of the main security issues I see are:
  • propagation of malware (virus, trojans, keyloggers)
  • defacement of profile, impact in public image
  • who owns the data? some networks make it easy to get the data in but very difficult out (usage of images to protect contact information)
  • how to archive and backup this data? who is responsible?
  • how to delete the data permanently if required?
  • predator attacks against minors and kids (parents must learn new ropes)
  • identity theft, impersonation
  • how to maintain so many user IDs (opendID is trying to address this)
  • how to move data from one site, application to the other (open social is work on this), some users have seen this usage blocked after using automated conversion, migration tools
  • how to do investigations, forensics on so many sites to track down criminals effectively
  • how to separate between business, and personal lives?
  • effects on corporate information
  • leakages
  • effects on corporate productivity
In short network, do business, have fun, but becarefull out-there.

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